“Creating notable, brilliant art does not absolve you of your faults.”

There’s a very powerful article over at Gawker written by Dee Barnes, who is responding to Dr. Dre’s public apology for physically assaulting “the women [he’s] hurt”. She concludes her article by writing:

The hypocrisy of it all is appalling. This is bigger than me, and bigger than hip-hop. This is about respect and awareness. As a result of speaking on my personal experience with violence, I have been vilified. Women survivors of violence are expected neither to be seen nor heard, and the pressure increases when it involves celebrities. No one wants to see their heroes criticized. And if they are African American, the community at large becomes suspicious of an underlying motive to tear down a successful black man. Excusing pop culture icons from scrutiny over their history of violence against women because they are elevated to “hero” status is wrong on so many levels. Creating notable, brilliant art does not absolve you of your faults. In the past, great art was enough to exalt men of their bad behavior, but in 2015 it’s no longer the case. Survivors have a right and an obligation to speak up (#NoSilenceOnDomesticViolence). We are too loud, too correct, too numerous to be ignored.

The next time some assfuck tries to defend Woody Allen or Roman Polanski because they “make great art”, I’m going to pull this out of my pocket and make them read it because WORD.



Reports have surfaced that the woman who appeared in Hollaback’s viral street harassment video has reportedly been getting rape threats in the comments of the video on YouTube

Because of course she fucking is.

The video itself is a really good example of rape culture and WHY WE NEED FEMINISM IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE! It shows the exhausting type of bullshit that women face, every single day, by assholes who feel that they have every right to harass women who are simply walking down the fucking street. It makes you think that no matter how hard you fight, how much you try, and how far you get, that sexism is always there and that it always will be.

It goes without saying that the reactions to this video are as disturbing and fucking awful as the street harassment it documents. But it’s not terribly surprising. Men get angry when their sense of entitlement to do whatever the fuck they please to women is challenged.

And, FYI, to dismiss these catcalls as complements and say that a woman should be FLATTERED for all of the attention she’s getting should get you a fucking dick punch. Like this fucking asshole, who commented:

Harassment is defined as unwanted behavior. This woman said NOTHING so how could the guys know that they were harassing her? Fuck this bitch and her campaign to get money to stop men from simply talking to her in public

You wanna know why she didn’t say anything you tiny-dicked little fuck? Because maybe she didn’t want to get herself assaulted or murdered by some fuckhead douche-bro who thinks he’s entitled to do whatever he pleases (and how dare she turn down his advances because he feels that she owes him something).

We live in a world where men exact some terrible and gender-based violence upon women who refuse to give a guy her number or talk to some stranger in the middle of the night. The stakes for women are high and oh so very real.

I chose these examples because they’ve both happened within the month of October 2014. More examples on what happens to women who reject men’s sexual advances can be found at the When Women Refuse Tumblr.