Writer’s Block = Procrastination

I was reading an article over at Lifehacker the other day when I came across this quote by Jodi Picoult:

I don’t believe in writer’s block. Think about it—when you were blocked in college and had to write a paper, didn’t it always manage to fix itself the night before the paper was due? Writer’s block is having too much time on your hands. If you have a limited amount of time to write, you just sit down and do it. You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.

So, writer’s block = procrastination. Interesting.

I mean, it’s true, isn’t it? I mean, the trouble with writing is that it’s literally always easier to just lie face down and make inarticulate noises like “aaargh, urrrrrgh, kaput.” I can’t even tell you how many times that I’ve been supposed to be writing and have just wasted time reblogging shit on Twitter or rewatching Family Guy on Netflix.

Writing is hard. Even for the best of us, performing at our peak, writing is hard work. Sometimes the words come easy, but making those words into something that’s actually readable and entertaining? It takes time and effort.

And, when you have perfectionist tendencies? Writing can be (at times) impossible. But the thing that I’m trying to learn is that it’s better to have something – however shitastic – down on the page than it is to have an empty one.

I think that’s why it took me so long to get back into blogging – I kept putting it off until later because I had nothing to say. But then I started speaking and realized that my voice is rusty from disuse, which mortified me. I still don’t like my “voice”, but I’m writing because it’s important to me. Also because I realize that it’s the only way that I’m going to clean the rust off of my voice.


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