Signal Boost: White Privilege, Comics, and Strange Fruit #1

As I was navigating through my Tumblr dashboard last night, I came across the following review of BOOM! Studios recent offering, Strange Fruit #1, which I’d highly recommend that you read (the article, not the comic).

The author, J.A. Micheline, describes for the reader exactly why this project is problematic. Here’s an excerpt:

No, seriously, stop a second and look at this constellation of events. This comic, announced on Dwayne McDuffie’s birthday, about racism in the South by two white men is being marketed as a “deeply personal passion project.” Do I need to go into why I have some questions about why a story about racism is deeply personal to white people? Do I need to explain why I think that marketing choice was tone-deaf and perhaps even toeing the line into disrespect? Do I need to air my concerns about what that indicates about who this book is being marketed to and why I suspect it is not people who look like me?

It’s an amazing fucking article. Go read it.



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