An open letter to Orson Scott Card and Summit Entertainment my hard line stance on freedom of speech and my belief that even the most bigoted piece of shit has the right to pontificate how he or she pleases, I will not be tolerant to your homophobic, hateful, and ignorant views on homosexuality and gay marriage.

I don’t care if you asked nicely.

Seriously, your hatred of gay people isn’t a subtext and it shows up pretty clearly in Ender’s Game – you do, after all, name your villains “buggers”. That begs the question: what the fuck are you talking about when you say that this “political issue” – also known as gay people fighting for the same rights and privileges of other human beings – wasn’t an issue in 1984 (when the book was written).

I’d lecture you on it but I’ve fought with enough anti-choicers, MRAs and various other misogynists (not as mutually exclusive as you’d think) to know that I’d only be wasting my time, energy, and effort.

So, I’ll tell you what I am going to do. I am going use that energy, time, and effort to urge all of my allies (LGBT and otherwise) in the comic book/science fiction/fantasy/knitting circles I run in to boycott your film because of your hatred. Hell, for those so inclined, I will urge them to pirate this film (as well as your books and comics) to cut into your and Summit Entertainment’s bottom line.

Mr. Card, I refuse to support the products that come from such hatred. I refuse to support companies that produce adaptations of your work – because, seriously, you’re a fucking asshole and an awful human being. In the past, I have done similar things. For example:

I stopped watching Mel Gibson movies when it came out that he was a racist, anti-Semitic, holocaust-denying misogynist.

I stopped watching Tom Cruise movies when he came out as an anti-psychiatry fuckwit cult member who tells people that mental illness can be treated using vitamins and exercise.

I stopped supporting Jim Carrey when he said that Tetanus wasn’t that big of a deal and that it’s a vaccine that you can get rid of.

I have made it one of my personal missions in life to inform everyone I know and love that Jenny McCarthy is a disphobic lying asshole who’s responsible for a number of deaths because she consciously spreads disinformation about vaccines. (Information that, by the way, has been firmly established in the peer-reviewed and scientific community as junk science.)

I may be just one person, Mr. Card, but a group of us can make a production company rue the day that they signed on to promote you, your bullshit ideals, and your artistic works. I’m surprised Summit didn’t learn anything from the DC incident.

Postscript: In case anyone is wondering how I “choose” who to support and who not to support on the basis of their politics, the answer has two parts:

(1.) When your bias or beliefs lead you to treat other people as less than human beings on the basis of their gender, race, sexuality, disability, and any other marker of difference.

(2.) When you willingly spread disinformation or attempt to infringe upon the basic human rights of people.

For example, in the case of Mr. Card, the fact that he’s a homophobic piece of shit is his own prerogative. It’s the action of sitting as a board member on the National Organization for Marriage and his attempts to prevent gay people from marrying (it is, after all, something that he says that the government should be overthrown for) as well as his statements linking homosexuality to pedophilia and belief that homosexual sex should be criminalized. You see, by sitting on the board of one of the largest and most well-funded anti-gay groups in the US, means that he can use this power to maintain a system where homosexuals are treated like second class citizens and are denied the rights and privileges afforded to anyone else on the basis of their sexual orientation.

No, seriously.

He and his buddies want to deny people – human beings – the rights and privileges (including the right to marry and GASP! divorce) afforded to anyone else simply because they are sexually attracted to and/or romantically involved with people of the same sex.

Human beings should have the same basic human rights and privileges – and I’m talking about those basic human rights and privileges in the sense of: the right to vote, the right to own land, the right not have genocide perpetrated against them, the right to marry and raise children, the right to bodily integrity and health services (including reproductive health services). The right to be in your loved one’s hospital room when they are ill. The right to have your relationship validated and respected by the government. These are the basic human rights and privileges I speak of.

And, despite what you might think, I’m not saying that every single person on the planet has to agree with what I agree with and believe in. Or that they have to share the same politics as I do.

What I am saying is: try your best not to be a bigoted, hate-filled piece of shit. If you can’t do this, don’t try to disenfranchise other people based on those beliefs.

It’s a dick move.