I’m Crazy, Right? Second Jobs and Going Back

The other day, I wandered into my local comic book store to grab a copy of a TPB that I’ve already purchased (but has been lost in the vortex of TPBs in my apartment) when I saw that they were hiring.

Now, this is the store that I managed back in the day (when I first met Mr. Comic Book Goddess) and I have missed working there (and my customers) since I left my job to go back to school and get my MBA.

And, no, I’m not looking back at it as if it was some simpler time. Retail – even in a place that you love – is damn hard work. It’s not just sitting behind a counter and reading comic books (which most people, usually those who have NEVER worked retail before, think it is). I’m the first to admit that it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows – there were some growing pains when I first got there – but my bosses (the owners) were amazing and there was something about the job that kept me going back.

So, wish me luck, Dear Readers. I’m going to throw in my resume for their consideration. My availability is extremely limited (weekends only) because of my full-time gig and I know that might be a significant hurdle to my getting rehired but…you won’t know until you try, right?

I know. It sounds crazy that I want to get a second job on the weekends when I’m already working full time just because I miss working at the comic book store. And, despite I know what this will mean in terms of logistics (no more sleeping in, limited time to go out with my friends and husbeast), I’m still willing to give it a try because going back to it means that much to me.

Yes, I am insane.


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