Given my abysmal posting record since moving to WordPress and the sheer number of partially written drafts or a series of notes that have been saved in my queue, I’ve decided to participate in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).1

The rules basically state that I have to post SOMETHING every day – it can be long essays, short blurbs, or a series of images with captions. Basically, I just have to sit my ass down to write. I am not permitted to back post (meaning that I have to post every single day) nor am I allowed to upload posts and have them publish automatically in the future. I have to actively create a post everyday for the month of November.

Since I’m working from half-finished drafts – along with some new material – I have kept the original dates of all posts but will post with a link to demonstrate that I have, in fact, posted for that day. I’ll probably also add a photo or something that I found and/or reblogged on my Tumblr in addition to posting a link to the updated/reworked/actually written and published article from the massive backlog I’m working from. (It seems like cheating otherwise.)

For instance, I finally finished (and posted) my reflections on day two of Fan Expo 2012 (only two and a bit months late).

Other days? I’ll post up-to-date content.2 You know, cause I like to keep it fresh </sarcasm>

I’ll try to keep my posts comic book- or geek-related. HOWEVER, one of the benefits of moving from Comic Book Daily to my own WordPress is that, on occasion, I can use this blog as my Rainbow Princess Diary with a Heart-Shaped Locket.


My thanks go out to isobeldebrujah ( for posting about  NaBloPoMo on Ravelry.

For those of you who are interested, you can find prompts here, here, and here.


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