Fan Expo 2012: Reflections on Day One

Giant FUCKING Dalek Cosplay for the win!

Well, it’s certainly been awhile.

Where I’ve been is an article (well, it’s turning out into a series of articles) that I’m still struggling to write. They’ll soon go live.

But let’s get down to the matter at hand: Fan Expo Canada 2012.

Day one was spent how every single first day of con is: scoping out the lay of the land, getting commissions (sadly, this year I will be forgoing commissions1), revisiting your itinerary (or making one if you haven’t already scoped out the convention schedule online), and catching up with friends.

I arrived at Fan Expo just after 5pm and, despite one issue getting to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC), I managed to get my press pass and into Fan Expo fairly easily and with little fanfare.2

The con floor was busy, but not that busy. However, the frenzy of the upcoming three days is slowly building and you can feel the insanity in the air. It’s invigorating and – given that I haven’t been to any cons this year – something I’ve missed. I forgot just how much work it was to cover a comic convention but it’s exhilarating to get back and nice to get out of the headspace of the aforementioned articles.

The decapitated and bloody pig head (ostensibly Miss Piggy) really makes it.

Perhaps one of the most epic toys I saw is pictured to the right. Sold by Uber Toys (Booth 1609) it’s a monster/zombie Kermit. It’s pretty fucking awesome.

A quick word of warning: There is no “direct” access to the MTCC from the Skywalk (from Union Station) – likely to facilitate crowd control. You can exit the Skywalk and, after a brief walk down some stairs and around a corner, you can get to the main entrance (note: This is not an accessible option for those with mobility issues). That being said, it’s infinitely easier (and faster) to just exit Union Station onto Front Street and to access the South Building directly from Lower Simcoe Street or to go through the North Building.


Currently planning the geekiest wedding of the century has temporarily depleted the commissions fund. Temporarily.

Unlike some media outlets, I found the accreditation process easy and hassle free.


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