Fan Expo 2012: Reflections on Day Two

The thing to ALWAYS remember about covering a comic convention is to take your computer with you and to write your articles on the fly. By the time you get home (after the later events), you tend to be too exhausted to hammer out a post (even if it won’t take you too long as you’ve probably taken notes on your iPhone throughout the day).

The trade selection was fantastic (found a couple hard-to-locate, out-of-print gems) but the discounts are weak – most are just US cover. Only two booths of note actually offered any kind of discount (that wasn’t on books that they had purchased on clearance from Diamond1 and were trying to liquidate).

This year, there’s a far better division between the five different mini-cons that make up Fan Expo and I liked how Artists’ Alley and the Comic Book guests were on the opposite end from the other celebrity guests. All of this, despite there being oodles of attendees, did significantly help with congestion and made it really easy to get to what you wanted to get to without too much difficulty.

The cosplayers ranged from awesome to incredibly ridiculous. I question the utility (though I applaud the effort) of individuals who have large or unwieldy costumes (mostly having to do with fairy wings or large weapons/props) in an event with wall-to-wall people.

© Christopher Drost, Torontoist

I will go to my death maintaining and UPHOLDING2 three things about fashion and dressing well (whatever your size) that I learned from Trinny and Susanna from What Not To Wear:

  1. Dress for your body shape and accentuate your assets; by focusing on an awesome part, people tend to gloss over the unfavourable bits.
  2. Not everyone can pull off hot pants that travel up your ass crack (ladies, I’m afraid this goes for you too).
  3. Sometimes having a little somethin’ somethin’ to help smooth out your bits can absolutely make an outfit (and get rid of any unflattering bulges or make the fabric (ESPECIALLY clingy, unflattering fabric) lay better). This is true for someone who’s a size 4 or a size 24.

All of that being said, I do have to give it to ALL cosplayers: Congratulations, you have bigger balls than I do and for that? I envy the ever-loving shit out of you.

© Christopher Drost, Torontoist


When I was managing the comic book store, it was always awesome to check out the deals and then to come to cons or other shows, where you’d see vendors offering a “special deal” to liquidate their overstock purchased at clearance.  

Despite  my future husband’s love of my giant ass (which I have come to embrace as a – HEH – asset), I will heartily admit to having an unhealthy obsession with figure-enhancing shape wear (that obfuscates the bits that I loathe).


Fan Expo 2012: Reflections on Day One

Giant FUCKING Dalek Cosplay for the win!

Well, it’s certainly been awhile.

Where I’ve been is an article (well, it’s turning out into a series of articles) that I’m still struggling to write. They’ll soon go live.

But let’s get down to the matter at hand: Fan Expo Canada 2012.

Day one was spent how every single first day of con is: scoping out the lay of the land, getting commissions (sadly, this year I will be forgoing commissions1), revisiting your itinerary (or making one if you haven’t already scoped out the convention schedule online), and catching up with friends.

I arrived at Fan Expo just after 5pm and, despite one issue getting to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC), I managed to get my press pass and into Fan Expo fairly easily and with little fanfare.2

The con floor was busy, but not that busy. However, the frenzy of the upcoming three days is slowly building and you can feel the insanity in the air. It’s invigorating and – given that I haven’t been to any cons this year – something I’ve missed. I forgot just how much work it was to cover a comic convention but it’s exhilarating to get back and nice to get out of the headspace of the aforementioned articles.

The decapitated and bloody pig head (ostensibly Miss Piggy) really makes it.

Perhaps one of the most epic toys I saw is pictured to the right. Sold by Uber Toys (Booth 1609) it’s a monster/zombie Kermit. It’s pretty fucking awesome.

A quick word of warning: There is no “direct” access to the MTCC from the Skywalk (from Union Station) – likely to facilitate crowd control. You can exit the Skywalk and, after a brief walk down some stairs and around a corner, you can get to the main entrance (note: This is not an accessible option for those with mobility issues). That being said, it’s infinitely easier (and faster) to just exit Union Station onto Front Street and to access the South Building directly from Lower Simcoe Street or to go through the North Building.


Currently planning the geekiest wedding of the century has temporarily depleted the commissions fund. Temporarily.

Unlike some media outlets, I found the accreditation process easy and hassle free.